Dean Media has over 100 collective years of front-line digital marketing experience. This depth of knowledge means we can hit the ground running where you need us most. No learning curves, no wasted time. We’re fluent in marketing and unmatched in our Financial category experience. We think you’ll like that.










Phil was the very first Dean Media employee, dating back to our company’s beginning in 2005. A native New Yorker, Phil is happily married with 3 young boys. He’s a lover of golf, wine and all things hockey.

Favorite Team: New York Islanders

Favorite Band: Pearl Jam

Phil Bellini


As Creative Director, Jeremy works with clients to create innovative marketing campaigns that produce results. Despite his ridiculously youthful appearance, he has been with Dean since before there actually was a “Dean.”

Favorite Band: Garbage

Dream Vacation: New Zealand

Jeremy Berghorst

Creative Director

Kara is seasoned digital marketing with years of experience trafficking and optimizing digital ad campaigns.

Favorite Band: Bruce Springsteen

Dream Vacation: Skiing in the Alps

Kara Boeshaar

Media Manager

Born and raised in the Chicagoland area, Patrick graduated from DePaul University with a focus in advertising. This led to a career in ad operations, where he has maintained and optimized countless campaigns.

Hidden Talent: Cooking

Favorite Band: Beyoncé

Patrick Carr

Media Specialist

Working in the media world for a decade, McKenzie has experience in marketing and media strategy, planning and buying across a wide variety of industries and tactics.

Favorite Movie: True Romance

Favorite Food: Pizza

McKenzie Closen

Media Solutions Director

With more than 15 years in the financial marketing industry, JD has seen a lot and worked with some of the industry’s largest players. Outside of growing a business, he’s grown a family including a wife and 4 great kids.

Favorite Movie: Caddyshack

Washington or Lincoln: Lincoln

Jon Dean


Holly has worn many hats at Dean Media from trafficking to media buying and account management. Her experience has provided her with a strong foundation on what it takes to make campaigns successful.

Favorite Movie: True Romance

Favorite Band: Indigo Girls

Holly Dicks

Account Director

Born-and-raised in the Chicago south suburbs, Jesse has a strong passion for trends in design and marketing strategies. In his free time he loves DIY home projects.

Favorite Movie: Super Troopers

Favorite Team: Chicago Bears

Jesse Dorian

Senior Designer

Andrew specializes in search strategy, campaign execution and reporting. He is a graduate of DePaul University’s Marketing program and works remotely from Colorado with his dog Charlie.

Favorite Movie: Back to the Future

Friends or Seinfeld: Seinfeld!

K. Andrew Freischlag

Media Manager

Emily is a seasoned sales professional with a masters in Integrated Marketing Communication from Roosevelt University. She lives in the South Loop with her husband and pup Kingston.

Favorite Team: Da Bears

Dream Vacation: Yachting the Almafi Coast

Emily Gannon

Sales Manager

Chicago born-and-raised, Megan is a reformed Catholic School kid and independent dog mama. Avoider of bad weather and metaphors.

Favorite Movie: Thelma & Louise

Favorite Team: Whoever is winning in Chicago

Megan Hayes

Media Manager

Harrison’s focus is in reporting & analytics with his previous work spanning digital media and project management. He has both agency and client side experience and is a major Billy Joel fan.

Hidden Talent: Can Recite all the US Presidents in Order

Favorite Team: Knicks

Harrison Lasser

Media Manager

Alison has 7 years of experience in the financial services industry. She has a finance degree from the University of Florida and is a member of the Junior League of Chicago.

Harry Potter House: Gryffindor

Favorite Team: Florida Gators!

Alison Luebbert

Account Director

As Managing Director, Meghan has years of financial marketing experience and leads the media and client services team. She has intimate knowledge and an abundance of experience working with hundreds of global financial publishers.

Dream Vacation: Fiji

Favorite Team: Colts

Meghan McCarthy

Managing Director

After traveling the world to exciting sand lands on U.S. cruise ships, Sean settled down to study Marketing. Moving to Chicago, Sean launched his career in digital marketing and strategy where he focuses his efforts on campaign and data management.

Favorite Food: MRE's

Sean McNamara

Search Specialist

With extensive experience both within the financial industry and the online advertising world, Frank's expertise in business intelligence and business operations are a perfect fit for Dean Media.

Washington or Lincoln: Lincoln

Favorite Team: Da Bears

Frank Nicodem

Managing Director

Patrick is one of our media planners with a bachelors in PR & communications from DePaul and a Chicago native.

Favorite Team: Blackhawks

Dream Vacation: Snowboarding in Alaska

Patrick Olchawa

Media Manager

Justin heads up marketing at Dean. His unique approach to marketing, coupled with years of financial creative and marketing experience, has made him an integral part of the team.

Hidden Talent: Can Sing & Juggle (not at the same time)

Dream Vacation: Italy, Australia or New Zealand

Justin Perry

Marketing Director

With a communications degree from Niagara University, this die-hard Bills fan took his expensive diploma to Bears-country where he now works with data and listens to comedy podcasts.

Hidden Talent: Can Name All World Series Winners

Seinfeld or Friends? Seinfeld!

Scott Reilly

Media Manager

Brad heads up our Accounting department and ensures the “accounting machine” is accurate, scalable and well-oiled. Him and his wife live with Eddie the Wonder Dog in Lakeview.

Favorite Movie: Home Alone

Favorite Team: OSU Buckeyes Football

Brad Westrich

Accounting Manager

Brad Wiley is an up-standing, funky sock wearing, coffee drinking numbers nerd with a pun-ny side. When not at work he’s playing chess, watching soccer, or hugging his baby daughter.

Hidden Talent: Rubik's cube

Favorite Book: The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes

Brad Wiley

Platform Manager

Kris is a hip advertising dude with over five years of experience in digital media. He leads our Social ad campaigns and also specializes in SEM and Display. Lover of his cat Toast, Pretty Lights, and Video Games.

Favorite Movie: ShortBus

Favorite Team: Blackhawks

Kristofer Wilhelmsen

Media Manager

Indy is a ball of excitement and helps to keep everyone on their feet in meetings and at lunch time.

Favorite Food: Pig Ears

Favorite Toy: Penguin


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We know how to work. And how to play.

From charitable work through our Dean Cares program to blowing off steam on Beer Cart Fridays, we work hard and play hard. And while our focus may be all financial, that doesn’t mean we’re “all business.” We believe a relaxed, open and fun office environment not only inspires creativity, but spurs collaboration between team members.




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